Thermo Scientific IonicX XRF Analyzer Header

Fast, accurate, portable IonicX XRF analyzer of ionic salts from ThermoScientific


IonicX XRF Analyzer from ThermoScientific provides accurate ionic salt raw material identity verification and high sample throughput to pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. An advanced alternative to conventional bench-based analytical methods, IonicX delivers correct analysis of ionic salts at the point of use, in seconds, and with minimal sample preparation. The integration of portability with accuracy forms the key feature in the design of the IonicX. Discover extended field use with a compact footprint, decreased manual data input, and minimal sampling efforts which deliver the precision of conventional laboratory-based methodologies without the time and costs of separating materials, laboratory consumables, without the time and costs of separating materials, laboratory consumables and large benchtop systems. Also, Vivid icons and an intuitive application interface ease navigation and workflow. Integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, lets automatic transmission of data from your IonicX device directly to your PC for improved data storage and accessibility.


1- Portable and precise verification of a wide range of ionic salts in seconds anywhere in the manufacturing plant— far faster than traditional benchtop techniques or wet chemistry
2- Non-destructive testing of raw materials, preserving production volume and minimizing sampling time to ensure optimal throughput.
The specificity of the IonicX let users scan ionic salts in support of various applications. The straightforward testing procedure offers reliable results without the need for substantial operator training.

The analyzer generates fast and accurate results. A dynamic current adjustment guarantees optimum sensitivity for each measurement. Results are displayed in real time, providing actionable data and enabling the operator to make correct decisions fast. It offers user access control, audit trails, electronic signatures, and full synchronization capabilities for proper storage of all electronic records.