SCIEX launches the fully integrated OS Software at virtual product experience


SCIEX announces the core engine running SCIEX innovations, the fully-integrated SCIEX OS Software. The Software is available on the Echo® MS System and the SCIEX Triple Quad™ 7500 LC-MS/MS System – QTRAP® Ready.

SCIEX OS Software has made mass spectrometry more accessible. Even though the instrumentation may be more complicated, but the SCIEX OS Software is straightforward. It is a big driving force for moving efficiency within groups.

The Software powers up mass spectrometry for every user with its intuitive and user-friendly design.

Key features:

  1. Usability – Data analysis is easier with shared tools, automation and reduced manual intervention.
  2. Auto-detection of sample failures leading to auto-corrective action.
  3. Review by exception flags which is less manual checking of results.
  4. Efficiency – Optimized results with powerful integration algorithms.
  5. Peak modelling improves peak finding and integration, requiring less user input hence reducing time for data review.
  6. Automated result checking and outlier removal minimizes the time to establish an approved calibration range.
  7. Integrity - Intuitive audit trails ensure full traceability and accountability to achieve data precision, completeness and consistency across every run, on every system.

Drug discovery powered by SCIEX OS On the Echo MS System

SCIEX OS allows the increased scale of high throughput drug discovery while maintaining the quality and integrity of results. The large scale of data is automatically processed into single entries, so that information can be exported for improved data visualization. Which means faster decisions and accelerated pipeline development.

Drinking water testing powered by SCIEX OS on the SCIEX TRIPLE QUAD™ 7500 LC-MS/MS system – QTRAP® ready

Reliable peak integration is critical to enable quantification at the lowest levels, particularly in complex matrices where noise and the risk of interferences are greater.

The sophisticated peak integration algorithms in SCIEX OS Software allow you to drive your assay to lower limits than ever before. Allowing the detection of potentially dangerous contaminants in drinking water, always exceeding regulatory requirements.

Forensic toxicology powered by SCIEX OS for swath® acquisition

Keeping one step ahead of designer drugs is a continual challenge for crime labs. And it requires advanced methods to identify new drug analogs while screening for known compounds. To build a library of compounds that can be applied to future investigations, it’s critical to see everything that is detectable. SCIEX OS connects scientists to the comprehensive SWATH® Acquisition data set, allowing it to be interrogated for both known and unknown compounds over and over again.