Sciex launches the Triple Quad 7500 system


The SCIEX 7500 System provides the highest sensitivity of all the SCIEX systems. Major gains have been made in the analysis of key analytes that need lower limits of quantification. The innovation in this product lets low level quantification of crude and complex samples to further your research. Also, enlarge and simplify your workflow with a linear dynamic range up to six orders magnitude.

The OptiFlow Pro Ion Source incorporated into the SCIEX 7500 System allows analytes in crude or complex samples to be detected. The OptiFlow Pro Source contains E Lens Technology, which improves the transfer of ions into the mass spectrometer. The modularity of the OptiFlow Pro Source enables and speeds the easy interchange between ESI and APCI and from high flow to low flow.

Sciex 7500 System increases the sensitivity of your assay to have a more accurate profile of your sample. The increased size of the orifice lets more ions into the mass spectrometer and the unique design of the D Jet Ion Guide retains and captures more of the ions from the ESI spray plume.

The system moves your workflow to this highly sensitive instrument and quickly see measurable gains in productivity. With innovation that enables you to test more samples, and detect trace compounds that previously could not be seen by any SCIEX system.

Key features of the SCIEX 7500 System include:

  1. Workflows become simplified with a linear dynamic range of up to six orders of magnitude, surpassing existing sensitivity parameters to quantify at lower levels with precision.
  2. New D Jet™ Ion Guide allows users to characterize analytes that were once previously undetectable. The unique design also captures more ions from the spray plume.
  3. Powered by SCIEX OS Software, this system can control, acquire, analyze, interrogate and report, all on one intuitive platform.
  4. Simple upgrade path enables additional QTRAP functionality scan types to improve confidence. MRM3 workflows can push quantification levels through matrix interferences.
  5. New OptiFlow® Pro Ion Source improves productivity and reduces the need for extensive sample preparation, allowing users to quantify more trace analytes at lower levels.
  6. Integrated E Lens™ Technology increases ion sampling.
  7. The OptiFlow® Pro Source modular capability enables interchange between high flow and low flow, and between ESI and APCI, without manual adjustments.