Spectrophotometer UV/VIS


UV Vis Micro-Volume Spectrophotometry

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Mettler Toledo Spectrophotometer UV VIS

Mettler Toledo’s UV VIS Micro-Volume Spectrophotometry features:

1-    Wide concentration ranges without further dilutions.
2-    Secure locking of the arm during measurement.
3-    Automatic or manual pathlength selection.
4-    Ergonomic Design that allows a comfortable and safe workflow.
5-    Open access to the sample area.
6-    Fast and easy cleaning of the instrument with the removable stainless steel top cover.
7-    The ability to choose between two measurement modes.
8-    Easy and intuitive way to run tasks with One Click Operation.
9-    The instrument can be operated as stand-alone without the need of PC.
10-    Compact versatile layout of optical components.