Electronic Multichannel Adjustable Spacer


Smooth width adjustment

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Mettler Toledo Electronic Multichannel Adjustable Spacer

Mettler Toledo’s electronic adjustable spacer multichannel pipette E4 XLS features:

1-    Smooth width adjustment that makes it easy and ergonomic
2-    Consistent volume thanks to the cushioned joystick control that makes it easy to configure and run protocols.
3-    Available in three volume ranges, 5-50 µL, 20-300 µL, 100-1200 µL.
4-    Compliance with GLP/GMP
5-    Perfect for routine micro-well work
6-    Controlled piston movements by the onboard microprocessor for accurate and precise results
7-    Nozzle spacing between 9-14 mm (8 channels) and 9-19 mm (6 channels)
8-    Exceptionally easy multichannel tip mounting with perfect sealing.