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Shimadzu IRTracer-100


Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer

Shimadzu IRTracer-100

Shimadzu IRTracer-100 achieves excellent sensitivity with an SN ratio of 60,000:1, high resolution at 0.25 cm-1, and high-speed scanning capable of 20 spectra/second. This is compatible with applications active in a variety of circumstances, with a library of approximately 12,000 spectra and data analysis programs for contaminant analysis, and time course and rapid scan programs for reaction tracking.

Excellent Sensitivity and Reliability

Trace a mounts of silicone oil in paraffin oil were measured using the IRTracer-100 and a single-reflection ATR accessory. Even the very weak peak (1260 cm-1) from the silicone, with a mere 0.00015 Abs, was measured with a high SN ratio.

Highly accurate quantitation and identification can be achieved with 0.25 cm-1 resolution. For example, this resolution is suitable for the detailed analysis of each peak in a gas sample. When ammonia gas was run at 0.25 cm-1 resolution, peaks in the 805 – 810 and 785 – 790 cm-1 ranges were clearly resolved.

Reliable High Performance

The IRTracer-100's interferometer is optimized and stabilized using a combination of a smooth moving mirror system and the Advanced Dynamic Alignment. To assure that the IRTracer-100 is always in the optimum operating condition, a self diagnoses routine monitors the operation of the system at initialization and constantly during operation In addition, standard EP/CHP/JP/USP/ASTM validation programs are provided to evaluate the FTIR performance.

Achieving reproducible optical interference in a spectrophotometer requires a robust interferometer design. The interferometer in the IRTracer-100 easily meets this requirement. The smooth moving mirror system monitored by the Advanced Dynamic Alignment system allows the IRTracer-100 to provide optimum and stable quality spectra after only a short warm-up time. Sampling at over 5000 times /second the Advanced Dynamic Alignment keeps the IRTracer-100 in optimum operating condition. In addition, the Advanced Dynamic Alignment system automatically aligns the interferometer when the beam splitter is changed for NIR or FIR analysis.