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Pall Air, Gas and Vent Filtration

High-quality hydrophobic membrane filters are used to filter inert compressed gases and to provide vent filtration for holding tanks and bioreactors. This ensures sterility during final formulation and filling steps through filtration as the last line of defense for product safety. Sterilizing-grade air filters are also designed for gaseous fluids, they are validated under “worst-case” conditions by a liquid bacterial challenge test.
Pall air filters are made of Emflon® PFR PTFE sterilizing-grade membrane in the form of filter cartridges and capsules designed with high strength and long life for nitrogen blanketing or compressed gas applications. These sterilizing grade filters with hydrophobic and chemically inert filter membranes meet the FDA requirements for microbial removal. These filters remove contamination down to 0.2 µm in liquids and 0.003 µm in dry gases.