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Pall Integrity testers

Palltronic® AquaWIT IV Filter Integrity Test System is an accurate, reproducible, reliable automatic integrity testing of liquid or gas gilters. It might come with MUX Extension that allows up to four hydrophilic/hydrophobic filter cartridges or capsules to be installed in the unit directly, which then prepares and integrity tests the installed filters independently.
The Palltronic® Flow Check II performs a fast and simple test to confirm that an integrity test instrument is measuring flow correctly. The flow measured by the integrity test instrument is then compared with the calibrated flow of the Flow Check II unit.
Palltronic® FlowMod is a filter integrity test instrument designed for remote control by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or other high-level control system.
Palltronic® Flowstar IV Filter Integrity Test Instrument is the top-quality test instrument enables users to test even more filters and in less time, saving time and money.