LYKOS® with DTS Clinical Laser


Create your own laser path

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Hamilton Thorne LYKOS® with DTS Clinical Laser

When DTS is enabled, you may choose one of several options to create the laser path:

- Single Shot: Click any single point on the screen and a single laser pulse will be applied to that exact point.
- Line / Curve: Draw a straight line of any length and then select and drag to create a curve.
- Freehand: Any freeform path may be drawn by clicking and dragging the mouse pointer.
- Multipoint: Click up to 10 non-connected locations to apply laser. Each point may have a different laser setting.
- Rectangle: Click and drag to draw a rectangle of any proportion.

Once the path is drawn, it may be selected, resized, and repositioned as needed. Depending on the selected mode, the laser pulse, power and/or spacing may be adjusted with the changes immediately reflected in the laser path on the screen.