ZILOS-tk® Clinical laser


Installs on Any Inverted Microscope

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Hamilton Thorne ZILOS-tk® Clinical laser

Since the ZILOS-tk laser is based on the standard objective height, it easily installs on turrets of all models of inverted microscopes, even older models. Also, the unique design of the laser allows unrestricted access to other installed objectives. And you can switch the ZILOS-tk laser from one brand of microscope to another - without need of physical laser realignment or customization.
When working with micromanipulators, the ZILOS-tk allows you to work in "hands-free" mode by using the optional foot switch to fire the laser. Simply use the manipulators to position the embryo to the target and press the foot switch to fire the laser. Your micromanipulation proceeds rapidly and the time the embryo spends on the microscope stage is minimized.