ATRAQ™ Kit For Physiological Fluids


A single run with high throughput 

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Sciex ATRAQ™ Kit For Amino Acid Analysis Of Physiological Fluids

The aTRAQ Kits for amino acid analysis of physiological fluids has the ability to analyze 45 amino acids in a single run with high throughput with an analysis time of 18 minutes per sample. It comes with a single universal protocol for a range of physiological fluids and matrices. No need for a lot of waste since the sample size required as as low as 40 µL. aTRAQ Kits have internal standard for each analyte, leading to accurate and precise analyte identification and quantification. It is a complete kit that includes the required reagents, buffers, standards, controls, and column with a wide dynamic range with an LLOQ and ULOQ of 10,000 µM, respectively.