QTOF Systems


Quadrupole Time-of-Flight (QTOF)

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Sciex QTOF Systems

Quadrupole Time-of-Flight (QTOF) Technology delivers speed, robustness, and accuracy for the assays you need to run today and tomorrow. This technology guarantees the highest acquisition speeds to identify more sample compounds. You will be able to detect low abundance species  and to use wide intra scan linear dynamic range even in the complex samples. our QTOF systems have the Utmost flexibility with the proprietary data-independent SWATH® Acquisition, IDA acquisition, MRMHR and TOF-MS for large intact proteins.

Whether you are using the TripleTOF® mass spectrometer systems for academia and biopharma studies or X500 QTOF mass spectrometer systems for food, environmental and forensic workflows you can combine the characteristically fast scanning capability with the ultimate approach for data-independent digital archiving of samples.

The TripleTOF® mass spectrometer systems include TripleTOF 6600+ System, TripleTOF 6600 System and TripleTOF 5600+ System, whereas X500 QTOF mass spectrometer systems include X500B QTOF System and X500R QTOF System

The ZenoTOF 7600 System with the Zeno trap and EAD that are considered a powerful combination of unparalleled MS/MS sensitivity and a step-change in fragmentation technology. This system features a characterize large molecules including post-translational modifications, elucidates positional isomers on small molecules and lipids it can also identifies and quantifies proteins and peptides at unparalleled speed.