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Thermo Scientific MicroPHAZIR PC Plastic Analyzer

Recycling of plastics, carpeting and other polymer materials is increasing as more of these products are being recovered, recycled and reused by consumers and recycling facilities. Post-industrial and post-consumer materials need to be accurately identified and sorted to achieve high quality reprocessed material. The Thermo Scientific™ microPHAZIR™ PC Analyzer for Plastic/Polymer Identification is an NIR spectroscopy tool that rapidly screens and identifies a variety of polymers, plastics and fiber types on-site to streamline inspection without compromising accuracy and quality.

 The 2.75 lb (1.25 kg) microPHAZIR PC Analyzer for Plastic/Polymer Identification is a completely self-contained, powerful and cost-effective tool for the proper sorting and recycling of post-industrial and post-consumer polymer materials and carpet fibers.

MicroPHAZIR PC features:

1-    Rapid and accurate results displayed in seconds.
2-    Easy-to-use simple point-and-shoot operation for non-expert users.
3-    Small and lightweight
4-    No sample preparation or burn test necessary
5-    Safe and non-destructive
6-    Identification of a variety of plastics including: PLA, PET, PP, PS, ABS, PI, PSO, PE, PPS, TPV, PTT, PC, PMP, PBT, PA, PETG, SAN, EVA, PB, PPO, CA, Nylon, PMMA, PUR, PI, PVC, PVA, PLA, Ionomer, Pollyalomer, Vinyl, Styrenic terpolymer, Elastomer.