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Thermo Scientific TruScan RM Analyzer

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturers must ensure the quality of materials - from incoming raw material through finished product. The Thermo Scientific™ TruScan™ RM Handheld Raman Analyzer delivers reliable material identity verification through sealed packaging in seconds, right at the point-of-need. With the optional Thermo Scientific™ TruTools™ embedded chemometrics package, users can build advanced, customized qualitative and quantitative methods for complex material analysis problems.

The TruScan RM analyzer includes state-of-the-art optics paired with a patented multivariate residual analysis that offers an effective chemometric solution for material identification, with two spectral pre-processing options. The analyzer’s non-destructive point-and-shoot sampling principle facilitates rapid verification of a broad range of chemical compounds, including cellulose-based products.

The TruScan RM analyzer with TruTools becomes a more powerful spectrometer. Applications for QA/QC include enhanced raw material ID for similar compounds, multiple component ID, and identification and quantification of finished products. In PAT, applications include at-line endpoint determination for distillations, reaction monitoring, and powder blending operations. 

TruTools leverages Solo, a chemometrics software package from Eigenvector Research Inc. that allows users to develop models that can be deployed onto the TruScan RM analyzer.


Thermo Scientific’s TruScan RM is a Raman Analyzer that features:
1-    Weighs less than 2 lbs (0.9kg).
2-    Rugged design; chemical and drop resistant.
3-    Enhanced 21 CFR Part 11 and cGMP compliance with biometric login, complex password. options and full audit trail features.
4-    Noncontact analysis through plastic bags, glass containers, blister packs and clear gel caps.
5-    Intuitive workflow adapted to production environment through PDF batch reports and ease. of data input using barcode scanner.
6-    Easy fleet management feature enables cloning of instrument and identification methods.
7-    Suitable for screening falsified and sub-standard medicines.


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