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IVF Oosafe® Filters


Purify incoming premixed gas against VOCs

Sparmed IVF Oosafe Filters

- Better Embryo Development: Purified CO2, N2 and premixed gas results in better embryo development.
- Removal of VOCs, microorganisms and particles​: The combination of activated carbon granules, HEPA filter and pre-filters ensures high VOC removal capacity and traps microorganisms and particles (H14 efficiency ≥ 99.995%).
- Strict Quality Control:​ Each filter is produced in a cleanroom in fully controlled environment and pressure tested to ensure product safety.
- Replacement:​ Replacement is recommended every 4 months for Oosafe® Filter 4 and every 6 months for Oosafe® Filter 6.
- Approved by Scientists:​ Oosafe® Filters have been used for many years in well-known IVF clinics all over the world as the main gas purification tool.
- Traceability:​ Each filter’s manufacturing history can be traced easily based on the lot number written on the label.
- High Product Quality:​ Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 13485:2016.
- Packaging:​ Each filter is individually packed and sealed.
- Product is sold in a cardboard box as four pieces set, including certificate of conformity and installation instruction.


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