Thermo Scientific MicroPHAZIR RX Raw Material Analyzer

Thermo Scientific MicroPHAZIR RX Raw Material Analyzer

Take the power of NIR spectroscopy out of the laboratory and into the warehouse. Pharmaceutical analysis for raw material identification is a critical step in quality assurance that has tremendous impact on customer safety and speed and cost of production. With the Thermo Scientific™ microPHAZIR™ RX Analyzer, pharmaceutical manufacturers can obtain reliable material identity verification on-site within seconds.The microPHAZIR RX Analyzer provides a portable NIR tool to meet regulatory requirements, improve product quality, cut manufacturing costs and reduce supply chain risk.

The microPHAZIR RX Analyzer is battery powered and completely self-contained for truly portable NIR analysis.

1-    Saved time and increased inspection with handheld design.
2-    Operator and material exposure elimination that directly measures through plastic drum liners.
3-    Convenience, non-invasive, sampling approach permits 100% container inspection.
4-    Improved inventory management and reduced raw material supply risks.
5-    Meets GMP requirements.
6-    Safe and fast.


Applications Include:

1. Incoming raw material identification
2. Quality control and assurance
3. Counterfeit product screening
4. At-Line Process Analytical Technology (PAT)
5. Process troubleshooting
6. Quantitative analysis


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