Shimadzu LCMS-8060NX Triple Quadrupole LC-MS/MS

Shimadzu LCMS-8060NX Triple Quadrupole LC-MS/MS

The culmination of Shimadzu's expertise in triple quadrupole mass spectrometry, the robustness and ease of use in high sensitivity analysis and the streamlined analytical process improves workow efficiency.

- IonFocus™ unit: A newly-developed ESI probe with focus electrodes introduces ions into the mass spectrometer more efficiently, while expelling contaminants to reduce noise and provide more stable data. In addition, an improved heat-assist design promotes the ionization of a wide range of compounds. (Patented technology.)

- UF-Qarray™Ⅱ, UF-Lens™: Re-engineered ion guide improves robustness without compromising on sensitivity. Maintenance of UF-Qarray II and UF-Lens II can be performed easily without tools.

- Easy maintenance interface: The LCMS-8060NX inherits all the ease-of-maintenance of its predecessors. Both the desolvation line (DL), which introduces the sample into the vacuum, and the ESI capillary can be replaced easily and in a short time. The DL can be replaced while maintaining the vacuum, minimizing downtime.

- Maximized sensitivity, minimized matrix effects: In the newly-developed IonFocus unit, the ion transport electrodes reduce sensitivity loss from matrix effects by expelling neutral matrix particles with greater efficiency. The graphs below show an analysis example of residual pesticides in tea leaves. Using the LCMS-8060NX's world-class polarity reversal speed (5 ms) and data capture speed (1.5 ms), stable data was obtained even for high-speed analysis of multiple components. The IonFocus unit also introduces ions into the detector more efficiently, improving the signal intensity. Of the 100 compounds tested, 96% showed excellent recoveries.

- Superior robustness: The LCMS-8060NX employs new ion guides, the UF-Qarray II and the UF-Lens II, to increase robustness while maintaining high ion transmission efficiency. Improved robustness means higher laboratory throughput as maintenance interval times increase.

- New AI-derived parameters optimized for a wide range of compounds: The LCMS-8060NX uses new default parameters optimized for a wide range of compounds based on research with AI (Artificial Intelligence) processes, enabling excellent results without the need for labor-intensive investigation of analysis conditions. As shown below, this boosts the signal intensity for a variety of target compounds to an average of 2.6 times the intensity achieved with previous parameters.

- Efficient desolvation for higher efficiency: A new heat-assisted design improves the desolvation efficiency and dramatically enhances the sensitivity for challenging molecules such as steroid hormones.

- Intelligent start-up with Smart Flow Control: HPLC columns can be damaged by sudden pump starts and stops or extreme gradient changes. The new Nexera automatically uses FlowPilot (Smart Flow Control) to increase the flow rate gradually to the set point. There is no need to create startup protocols for each analysis.

- Improves data processing throughput: Great time savings can be achieved in multiple component data analysis, with functions to check multiple chromatograms at once, display results that exceed standard values in a different color, etc. In addition, several report format templates are provided, reducing the time needed for report creation.

- Automatic optimization of MS conditions: Simply set the sample in place and enter the sample information, and MRM and interface parameter optimization will be carried out automatically. The optimization results are shown graphically, reducing the time and effort needed for evaluation.

- LC/MS/MS Method Packages and MRM Libraries: Several method packages are available for quick method startup. Analysis can begin right away without MRM optimization or tedious method development.

- Straightforward pretreatment saves labor: The SIL-40 autosampler series has programmable micro-volume liquid handling capabilities. Apply these sample pretreatment parameters from a simple graphic interface, reducing labor and increasing precision in co-injection, isomerization, etc.

-  LabSolutions Connect™ / LabSolutions Insight™: LabSolutions Connect and LabSolutions Insight provide support for the entire analytical workflow, from optimization of MS conditions to data processing, to achieve maximum efficiency.

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