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QuickFlow Aspirator


Simple, ergonomic aspiration device for cell culture

Mettler Toledo QuickFlow Aspirator

The Rainin QuickFlow vacuum aspiration system combines exceptional ergonomics with smart features and a robust design to facilitate aspiration from primary and secondary cell cultures, suspension cultures, DNA, RNA and protein extractions, and other workflows requiring precision removal of liquids.

1. Continuous mode relieves the need to hold down the aspiration button

2. The durable, non-contact liquid level sensor prevents overfilling

3. Three adapters (Pasteur, single-tip and 8-tip) offer flexibility across applications

Rigorous testing and scrutiny of every component assures years of trouble-free performance. QuickFlow is easy to use, easy to clean and, best of all, easy on your hands.

Multiple Adapters
Whatever your application, QuickFlow has an adapter to meet your needs.

Single and multichannel adapters work with universal-fit pipette tips. Along with the Pasteur pipette adapter, every adapter included with QuickFlow will connect quickly, operate smoothly and are high-quality for durable, long lasting performance.

Continuous Flow
QuickFlow’s continuous mode isn’t just more efficient, it’s a hand saver.

Repeatedly pressing and holding down the aspiration button demands excessive effort which, over a long cycle of aspirations, can contribute to repetitive strain injury. With ergonomics in mind, QuickFlow eliminates this problem by allowing users to select continuous flow and the amount of suction needed for optimal pipetting.

Liquid Level Sensor
When the bottle is full, a sensor stops the vacuum.

QuickFlow’s non-contact level sensor offers exceptional performance and reliability. Because the sensor never comes in contact with liquids, cleaning and cleanliness are never an issue. The sensor stops the vacuum when the bottle reaches capacity and is proven to provide a long service life.

Easy Assembly
QuickFlow is intuitive to use and simple to clean.

With self-sealing quick connectors, QuickFlow is designed for easy and intuitive disassembly and reassembly. All parts that come in contact with liquids, including the handle, tubing, adapters, cap and reservoir, are easy to clean and autoclavable. All that come in direct contact with the liquid are easy to clean and can withstand steam sterilization at 121 °C.


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