Instron MT Series Torsion Testing Machines

Available in six standard models


For torsion testing and component in-service simulation

Instron MT Series Torsion Testing Machines

The MT Series torsion testing systems are available in six standard models with force capacities ranging up to 5,650 N-m (50,000 lbf-in) and are used for torsion testing and component in-service simulation. The compact design requires minimal lab space and offers superior frame stiffness and alignment. Experience unparalleled precision and control with the MT Series - the ultimate solution for testing wire, fasteners, metal components, switches, and springs used in the biomedical, automotive, aerospace, and construction industries. With Instron's cutting-edge control electronics, you can trust that your test data will be highly accurate and reliable. Upgrade your testing capabilities today with the MT Series.

Features and Benefits

- Dual linear slide design offers high-torsional stiffness and low-axial friction
Introducing our top-of-the-line torsion testing system! 
- Our adjustable crosshead locking system allows for ultimate flexibility during testing, with the ability to choose between a free-floating or fixed crosshead. 
- With torque cells ranging from 0.225 - 5,650 Nm (2 - 50,000 lbf-in), our system provides superior accuracy and zeroing capability. 
- Our comprehensive torsion testing software offers graphical data plots and performs a wide range of calculations on torque and angle data, making analysis a breeze. 
- Plus, our torque cell protection device ensures that low-capacity torque cells remain undamaged during test setup. 
- Safety is our top priority, which is why our MT1 and MT2 models feature an interlocked enclosure to protect the operator from the rotating drive by preventing testing when the guard is open. 
- For our MT5, MT10, MT20, and MT50 models, we've included an interlocked chuck guard to protect the operator during operation. And for even more precision, our optional preload assembly provides constant axial force in compression or tension. 

Don't settle for less - choose our torsion testing system for the most accurate and safe testing experience.

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