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Mettler Toledo FreeWeigh.NET for Statistical Quality Control

Mettler Toledo FreeWeigh.NET for Statistical Quality and Process Control is a computer based software solution that allows to fine tune and control perfectly customer production process. Modular license model allows system adoption to any needs. Flexibility and ease of use allows further optimization of production, increase quality and productivity. With a Web-base Test Place Module customer will have the ability to run a test module and move across the production plant with one mobile PC, using a standard web browser and without additional software installation. Furthermore it is the perfect solution to collect any attributes of quality data and enables use of Testplans.

Mettler Toledo FreeWeigh.Net offers all relevant tools to reduce underfilling and comply with legal legislations, including its Audit Trail and 21 CFR Part 11 Modules. At the same time production process is still monitored to reduce undesired overfilling and provide production cost optimization.

As well as complying with GMP/GAMP regulations, the computer system validation (CSV) defines, assigns and guarantees the reliability and consistency required in the process performance. This not only includes the FreeWeigh.Net® system, but also the fully traceable development  
processes at METTLER TOLEDO, which make FreeWeigh.Net® an ideal quality control system for the pharmaceutical industry.

Devices in the FreeWeigh.Net® quality control system are connected to the in-house computer network. All the data recorded here is stored in the central data server. The immediately updated statistics are transmitted as a confirmation to the test sites and automatically displayed on the monitoring systems. The modular system architecture allows quick and simple adjustments to new operating conditions.

A wide range of standard devices and specialized instruments are available for operation with the FreeWeigh.Net® system. The performance and design of this equipment allows it to be used in many different applications and ambient conditions. Additional devices can be operated using the configurable third-party device integration module.


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