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Suppository and pessaries disintegration testers

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PTS 3E Suppository Disintegration Test Instrument
The PTS 3E Suppository and Pessaries Disintegration Tester is designed and manufactured in compliance to the EP monograph <> and the German DAB Pharmacopoeia. The PTS 3E is used for the manual measurement of suppositories and pessaries disintegration times.

The instrument meets the requirements of the valid EP and German DAB pharmacopoeia. According to the Pharmacopoeia monograph 3 samples are tested at the same time. The total testing period can be pre-set within a range of 1 minute to 10 hours. When used to test suppositories the sample baskets will turn automatically each 10 minutes through 180 degrees as specified in the relevant monograph.

SPT-6 Suppository Penetration Test Assembly

The SPT-6 Suppository Penetration Test assembly is used to determine the softening time of six samples at the same time. It is connected to a Pharma Test PTZ AUTO or PTZ-S tablet disintegration test instrument. The SPT-6 assembly can also be immersed into a suitable water bath. The SPT-6 is made in strict compliance with EP <2.9.22> Apparatus <A>. The assembly is placed into its own single position Plexiglas water bath. This way it is possible to use the SPT-6 in either a PTZ AUTO 1-4, PTZ AUTO 1EZ-4EZ or a PTZ-S tablet disintegration test instrument.

PTSW-0 Suppository Dissolution Test Cell (Rotating Dialysis Cell)


The PTSW-0 Suppository Dissolution Test Cell (Rotating Dialysis Cell) is placed into a standard USP type dissolution vessel which in turn is inserted into a standard tablet dissolution testing instrument to test the rate of dissolved active of suppositories and lipophilic carriers.


The cell is immersed in the dissolution vessel. It is developed for the study of drug release from hydrophobic carrier preparations, such as suppositories. It encloses a small volume (max. 30ml) of inner fluid by means of a dialysis membrane. The cell itself rotates horizontally in a larger volume of test medium, which has the same pH as the inner volume. The sample is placed inside the inner cell. The rotating speed is reduced in by a factor of 4:1 using a gear. The active dissolves through the membrane into the outer phase and can be measured there using common detection technology like UV/VIS spectrocopy for example. It is proven that the PTSW-0 cell is a suitable tool to study factors which may influence the dissolution and absorption of controlled release formulations.


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