Instron 6800 Series Multi-Station Test Frame

Enhanced throughput


Performing simultaneous and independent tests

Instron 6800 Series Multi-Station Test Frame

Experience unparalleled efficiency with the 6800 Series Multi-Station System. Our cutting-edge technology allows you to conduct up to five independent tests on separate specimens with just one load frame, resulting in enhanced throughput like never before. Introducing our latest testing system, specially designed to cater to your elongation and slow test speed needs! Built on our standard 68TM-30 testing frame with a whopping 30 kN capacity, this system is the perfect solution for those extended test times. Looking for a cost-effective and efficient solution for your materials testing? Look no further! Our system is the ideal choice if your test methods and expected results are similar for the specimens you are testing. Revolutionize your lab's productivity with our cutting-edge system designed to effortlessly handle the high throughput demands of multiple high-speed production lines.

Introducing our revolutionary pre-configured Multi-Station System, designed to meet all your test lab requirements for performing multiple simultaneous tests. Maximize your productivity with the ability to test up to five specimens simultaneously, depending on your workload. Experience unparalleled efficiency and convenience with our cutting-edge system that seamlessly integrates with Bluehill® Universal materials testing software. With the ability to display all necessary transducer channels on live displays, you can trust that our product will exceed your expectations. Experience real-time graphing of all specimens being tested with Bluehill Universal for Multi-Station. Our tests are designed to ensure that every specimen meets the appropriate criteria before concluding the testing process.


This versatile testing frame is now available in a range of sizes and configurations to suit your unique needs. Choose from 3 or 5 load strings and customize the height, width, and pitch to accommodate your preferred load string setup and peripheral equipment. Upgrade to our premium extra height frame option for optimal performance with high elongation materials. Experience the convenience of our wide pitch extensometers! With a horizontal spacing of 165 mm (6.5 in), you can now use long travel XL extensometers with ease. Our product is designed to accommodate both the 1 and 2 kN pneumatic side action grips, making it the perfect solution for all your needs.


Our latest innovation - the narrow pitch! comes with a horizontal spacing of 140 mm (5.5 in), this product is an absolute must-have when using an environmental chamber. Plus, it's designed to perfectly accommodate the 1 kN pneumatic side action grips. Get your hands on the narrow pitch today!


Discover the versatility of Multi-Station Systems, expertly configured to meet your unique needs and exceed your expectations. Discover the versatility of our system components! With the ability to be configured for a multitude of applications, the possibilities are endless. Check out the outline below to get started.


General System Components
- 68TM-30, a broader than usual Multi-Station frame with 30 kN of static load cells
- Test fixtures and/or pneumatic side-acting grips
- Bluehill Universal Materials Testing Software (Operator Dashboard) with Multi-Station Capability and Test Application Module

Improve Efficiency and Increase Throughput of Your Facility

- Convenient multiple test setup for greater productivity 
- One system to meet the testing requirements of five systems
- Data logging that is simultaneous as well as synchronized. 
- Auto calibration on each and every channel.
- Bluehill Universal test control software that is intuitive and simple to operate. 
- Automatic Specimen Measuring Device (ASMD).


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