Instron ElectroPuls® Automated XY Stage

Designed for repetitive durability testing


Easily adapted

Instron ElectroPuls® Automated XY Stage

Experience unparalleled product and component durability testing with the cutting-edge Instron® ElectroPuls Automated XY Stage. Along with the freedom to test your product in multiple locations with the Automated XY Stage. No longer will you be limited to just one spot. The power of automation and innovation with Instron ElectroPuls and WaveMatrix™2 software unleashes your product testing potential where you can discover new possibilities beyond your imagination. Experience the ultimate testing solution with the ElectroPuls Automated XY Stage. Perform multi-location button presses, simulate touch device swiping, and automate sample batch testing like never before. Revolutionize your testing process with ElectroPuls.

Discover the amazing features and benefits that our product has to offer! Experience the ultimate in quality and performance with our cutting-edge technology. Unlock a world of possibilities and take your productivity to the next level. Don't miss out on the incredible advantages that our product can provide. Order now and see the difference for yourself.

Introducing the revolutionary XY Stage Keyboard! Test multiple locations on your device with lightning speed and precision, all without the need for manual intervention. Upgrade your testing game with the XY Stage WaveMatrix2 Test Work Space.


Features and benefits- XY Stage Keyboard
Test multiple locations on a device quickly without manual intervention
- XY Stage WaveMatrix2 Test Work Space
Automation of multiple test locations increases throughput and efficiency allowing operators to work on value-added activities
- XY Stage Compact Design
Compact design fits into small laboratory space
- XY Stage Phone Swipe
Flexible design accommodates a variety of samples

Experience the ultimate integration with WaveMatrix™2.
Experience seamless integration with Instron's WaveMatrix2 software and enjoy an intuitive interface that allows you to create tests that optimize all the amazing features of the XY Stage.

Feel the effortless navigation and seamless saving of coordinates with our state-of-the-art multi-function joystick and precision laser crosshair. Effortlessly import numerous coordinates directly into our cutting-edge software.


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