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Spectrophotometer UV/VIS


UV Vis Micro-Volume Spectrophotometry

Mettler Toledo Spectrophotometer UV VIS

Mettler Toledo’s UV VIS Micro-Volume Spectrophotometry is a life science instrument for DNA, RNA and protein analyses

Spectrophotometry with LockPath™ Technology

1. Wide concentration ranges without further dilutions
2. Automatic or manual pathlength selection
3. Secure locking of the arm during measurement minimizes errors
4. No drying out of sample during measurement for increased repeatability
5. Convenient sample pipetting from either right or left side

OneDrop UV Vis Spectrophotometry

Only a minimal amount of sample is required for accurate measurements. Wide concentration ranges from 6 ng/µL to 15,000 ng/µL of dsDNA can be measured without further dilutions.

Ergonomic Design

1. Instrument design allows a comfortable and safe workflow

2. Open access to the sample area: The separate touchscreen can be located anywhere
3. Platform is designed to let you rest your hand on either side for easy pipetting; ideal for left- and right-handers
4. Cleaning the instrument is done in no time with the removable stainless steel top cover

Predefined Bio-Applications

The One Click user interface includes many predefined applications for the analysis of bio-molecules. Nucleic acids, like dsDNA, ssDNA or RNA or can be easily tested for purity or concentration. For protein analysis, the One Click user interface provides direct determination at 280 nm, indirect determination with dyes or the commonly used assays following, for example, the Lowry, Bradford, Biuret or BCA protocols.

Choose between two measurement modes

1. Direct measurements offer a simple and straight-forward way to take a quick measurement
2. Methods can be conveniently set up in the method editor and provide more functionality for controlling automation modules, more complex calculations and report and export functions. Several pre-defined METTLER TOLEDO methods are ready to use.

Simple One Click™ Operation

1. An easy and intuitive way to run tasks right from the terminal
2. Secure guidance with step-by-step instructions
3. Adaptable method shortcuts on the home screen

Flexible operation

1. The instrument can be operated as stand-alone without the use of a connected PC
2. Alternatively, the instrument can be connected to a PC. The PC does not need to be close to the instrument if bench space is limited. The network ensures that all results are securely stored in the LabX database.

Compact Versatility

1. Compact layout of optical components allows for strikingly small footprint
2.  Micro-volume as well as cuvette measurements can be performed on one instrument

Power your bench with LabX Software

LabX® UV/VIS PC software expands the instrument with a sophisticated graphical editor for spectra evaluation. Data Analysis and  management are simplified in one FDA 21 CFR part 11 / EU annex 11 compliant software package. To optimize and secure your workflow even better, let the task scheduler organize your measurements.


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