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Automated Pipetting System - BenchSmart™96

A Semi-Automated 96/384-Well Pipetting System
Pipetting options range from 0.5 uL to 1000 uL. The touchscreen display controls aspiration, dispense, tip loading and ejection. Pipetting modes include Basic, Advanced, Dilute, Multi-dispense, Reverse, Volume Sequencing, Mix and Cycle Count.

Three Quick-Change Pipetting Heads
The BenchSmart 96 pipetting system will become one of your most versatile and useful laboratory assistants. The 0.5-20 μL head provides excellent range at smaller volumes, the 20-200 μL head suits most day-to-day work and the 100-1000 μL head is perfect for sample preparation and cleanup.

High Reliability for Your Experiments
Nothing beats the automation of a pipetting system. For complex protocols and precise liquid handling, BenchSmart 96 provides accurate and consistent aspiration and dispensing. Add BenchSmart’s industryleading specifications and extraordinary ease-of-use, and you can expect reliability and repeatability in the lab.

A Wide Range of Application Modes
From basic pipetting to advanced features like multi-dispense, BenchSmart makes programming a snap. The large touchscreen and intuitive interface make it easy to design, execute and save any protocol, from simple onestep procedures to complex, multi-step experiments.

An Intuitive Pipetting System
Anyone in the lab can use BenchSmart 96. The four-plate layout also simplifies workflows by reducing, if not eliminating, the need to swap out tips and reservoirs. For example: a two solution protocol requires just four liquid handling steps with BenchSmart vs. nine steps on a two-tray system.


Liquidator 96™ Manual Pipetting System

Pipetting all 96 wells at once simplifies micro-volume applications like ELISA, cellular assays, qPCR and protein crystallization. With greater accuracy and precision, METTLER TOLEDO's Rainin Liquidator™ 96 streamlines any 96-well or 384-well plate application. It is compact, requires no electricity and comes in two volume ranges – 0.5 to 20 μL and 5 to 200 μL. And because it is a manual device, Liquidator 96 is easy to use and requires virtually no training.

Save time

Setting up assays in 96-well plates using single- and multi-channel pipettes is often tedious and time consuming. Liquidator processes 96-well plates in as few as 6 seconds each, without sacrificing data quality and giving you more time for more important tasks, such as data analysis and hypothesis-building.

Reduce errors

Single and multi-channel pipettes greatly increase the risk of skipping or repeating rows and wells on qPCR, ELISA and other plate-based experiments. Liquidator 96 eliminates this risk by filling all 96 wells at the same time.

Pipette as low as 0.5 µL

With a range of 0.5 – 20 μL, Liquidator's low volume 20 µL model expands your range of 96-well protocols. Built to last, simple to use and exceptionally ergonomic, Liquidator 20 µL and 200 µL offer the highest accuracy and precision specifications possible.

Increase speed and versatility

Because Liquidator 20 µL and 200 µL are manual devices that require little training, they are immediately useful and useable to everyone in the lab. The 200 µL model is ideal for experiments like ELISA with volumes in the range from 5 – 200 μL. With volumes as small as 0.5 μL, the 20 μL model streamlines applications like qPCR.


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