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Mettler Toledo Test Weights

Mettler Toledo offers you perfectly designed test weights to support the calibration and testing of balances from High-quality OIML and ASTM Weights protected in a robust and easy-to-clean plastic container to stainless steel and cast iron grip handle weights for testing of scales with maximum capacity up to 200 kg.

The weights portfolio covers weights according to OIML or ASTM from 50 micrograms to 5 tons in all accuracy classes. The test weights are used for testing balances as well as primary standards in mass laboratories. Mettler Toledo's proprietary electrolytic polishing process for knob and wire weights in the upper class range removes microscopic protrusions in a weight’s surface. This makes the test weight far smoother when compared to weights finished with mechanical polishing. Due to the improved properties of the passive oxide film that is created on the test weight, the test weight’s long-term stability is improved.

Mettler Toledo offers a comprehensive selection of test weights, related calibration services, weights and services of the highest quality – even for users with limited budget. Building on many years of experience and users feedback, the weight boxes and accessories have an unmatched reputation. Profit from short re-calibration times and trustworthy services. Mettler Toledo also offers a global network of accredited mass laboratories.

Test weights give you the ability to test your balances rapidly and securely, and in accordance with USP General Chapter 41 by using only two test weights to test at 5% and 100% of the capacity of each and every balance. This unique approach is much faster as well to that it substantially decreases test-weight purchasing and re-calibration costs. Mettler Toledo's CarePac® include gloves, tweezers and other accessories for professional weight handling.

Mettler Toledo's test weights features expertly manufactured weights for various application areas, highest quality, easy-to-clean, Availability of OIML or ASTM test weights, reference weights, microgram weights, crane test weights, heavy capacity test weights, grip handle test weights, The ability to check weighing devices in the range from 50 micrograms to five tons in all accuracy classes and available in plastic, aluminium, stainless-steel and cast iron.


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