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Mettler Toledo Bench Scales and Portable Scales

Mettler Toledo’s Bench Scales and Portable Scales for maximum efficiency in industrial applications.

Mettler Toledo offers a broad range of bench and portable scales:
1-    InVision Smart Scale offers error-free operation and easy handling in picking and packing applications with the smart algorithms of InVision™, combining weighing with visual recognition and picture capture. The smart scale directly connects to production and ERP systems for visual proof of successful order fulfillment and full data visibility.
2-    Bench Scales, Table Top Weighing Scale or Compact Scale is a small scale that have the ability to fit on top of a work station or 'work bench'. Electronic bench scales are mostly used for smaller weighing needs and more intricate processes, where the operator needs to be closer to the scale itself. Bench scale applications range from weighing, mixing, checkweighing and counting.

3-    Counting Scales are scales that speed up productivity while making sure final kit quality and completeness. Counting scales have the ability to measure even the smallest parts and pieces with high accuracy – to guarantee every piece is accounted for. Counting scale solutions can connect directly to a PLC for reduction of manual data entry as well, resulting to cleaner data and better operational visibility.
4-    Checkweigher Scales is any standard weighing scale that is enabled with checkweighing functionality. Checkweighing is an application that bench scales and floor scales can have built in to their programming. All are rugged, fast and precise to improve accuracy and speed. Some models are available with colorWeight™ functionality, which indicates in- or out-of-specification results at a glance.
5-    Automotive Paint Mixing Scale are used for mixing colors for automotive refinish applications with high precision. Precision paint-mixing scales from METTLER TOLEDO achieve astonishing results quick and easy. The scales are specifically designed for professional use in automotive body shops and repair centers to help you to mix the right shade each time.
6-    Industrial Basics Scales for basic and low cost weighing applications.
7-    SmartShelf Weighing Pad for remotely monitoring of inventory level.


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