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Fedegari Lab Glassware Washer


The FGW Lab Glassware Washer uses a steam generator to improve washing performances. Steam has an optimized emollient effect on greasy and sticky dirt. In addition, steam is able to access hard-to-reach areas and therefore clean thoroughly. Moreover the use of steam can significantly reduces operating costs: this really eco-friendly solution allows to minimize the need of detergents as well as water consumption, lowering the running costs per cycle. A conductivity meter placed on the FGW drain is capable to detect the water purity, helping to terminate the process as soon as the desired set-point is reached thus further reducing water and other utilities consumption of the washer. The cleaning process is constantly supervised: dedicated probes monitoring the temperature of the air/water and of the steam in chamber. Fedegari Glassware Washer has an internal LED lamp that remains operative during the whole cycle: in case of alarm evident signals are displayed by color change.

The piping, as any other equipment manufactured by Fedegari, has a rigorous sanitary finishing. The FGW glassware washer is equipped with custom-made and modular internal trays, connected to the hydraulic system. The external trolleys are fully compatible with those of the FOB5 autoclave.


1. Steam improves washing performances.
2. Thema4Lab.
3. Steam as Eco-friendly solution.
4. Energy saving function.
5. Customizable internal rack.
6. Trolleys and trays fully compatible with FOB5 series.
7. Sanitary components and CIP to ensure a perfect washing.
8. GLP compliance.


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