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Mettler Toledo Mass Comparators

Mettler Toledo’s versatile mass comparators perform measurements automatically resulting in extraordinary resolution.

Mettler Toledo’s Mass Comparators:
1-    Vacuum Comparators, The world renowned Vacuum Comparators with nanogram resolution are the reference in mass determination and in use in national metrology institutes. They feature automated weight calibration up to 6 weights, fully automated measurement, Individual Accessibility through front window, Load-Lock, minimized environmental influences KLIMET A30V for ambient, constant pressure & vacuum, capacity up to 10 kg and readability up to 0.1 µg.
2-    Versatile automated mass comparators perform measurements automatically, resulting in exceptional resolution and incomparable repeatability with unrivaled performance, unmatched accuracy with uncompromizable precision, fully automated with weight handler
incomparable accuracy for weight dissemination, software controlled perform by overnight measurements for best results, capacity up to 50 kg and readability up to 0.1 µg.

3-    Robotic mass comparators, exceptional rapid with outstanding performance, to E1 OIML accuracy - perfect for high throughput calibration laboratories with nano-accuracy, high-speed, outstanding performance, maximum efficiency by combining up to 4 systems to cover 0.1 µg to 20 kg, eliminattion of errors with automatic weight handling , capacity up to 20 kg and readability up to 0.1 µg.
4-    System for Volume, Density and Magnetism with volume, density & magnetism determination of weights, fast & accurate density measurements down to 1 g, S50-K Susceptometer simple and cost-effective magnetism determination, volume & density of 1 g to 20 kg and magnetism of 1 g to 50 kg.
5-    Manual Mass Comparators with top class weighing cell & leveling systems, control draftshields with MC Link Software or SmartSens, no manual transcription due to MC Link, smooth process by on-screen guidanc, capacity up to 5000 kg and readability up to 0.1 µg.

6- ComparatorPac, a complete package of Comparators and Software - ComparatorPac™ is the perfect starter solution for simple weight calibration up to 20 kg OIML F2. The package features 3 XPR comparators and MC Link Software, cost-effective starter package, MC Link One-Click weight calibration software included and increase the calibration process speed by up to 40%.


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