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Mettler Toledo Reaction Calorimeters

EasyMax 102 HFCal,EasyMax 402 HFCal and Optimax HFCal are small-scale heat flow calorimeters that combine the benefits of a synthesis workstation and a reaction calorimeter. These small-scale reaction calorimeters are designed for process safety screening and scale-up, and provide relevant reaction information early in the development process.

The RC1mx reaction calorimeter is the industry “Gold Standard” for measuring heat profiles, chemical conversion and heat transfer under process-like conditions. The RC1mx provides a modern solution with a high-performance thermostat as the centerpiece. RC1mx allows chemical and safety engineers to optimize processes under safe conditions, while determining all critical process parameters and reducing the risk of failure on a large scale.

The development and optimization of chemical processes requires the determination of a variety of different types of information in order to make correct decisions. It is common to collect analytical data, such as IR, Raman, particle size distribution or concentration online and in real time. Collecting heat release data online and in real time is undoubtedly a great advantage when investigating chemical processes.

Reactor systems that enable the scanning of reactions for heat release in real time provide instantaneous feedback of the progress of the reaction and allow users to immediately take corrective actions. Online heat data in real time are often used to control the process by adjusting critical process parameters, such as the addition rate of reactants, controlling the pressure, the stirring speed or any other process parameter.

With the RTCal reactor, the researcher uses a PAT (Process Analytical Technology) tool that allows tracking reactions online and in real time. It delivers valuable heat information about the progress of the reaction without the need of expert knowledge. RTCal technology uses heat flux sensors that are built into the reactor, detecting the heat flow across the wall of the reactor.

The measurement of heat data with RTCal is independent of the properties or the behavior of the reaction mass. Hence, no calibration procedures need to be run before, during or after the reaction, which reduces the experiment time substantially.


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