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Mettler Toledo Pipette Tips

Rainin pipette tips fit most pipette brands, including a pipette tip for Rainin, Gilson, Eppendorf, Sartorius (BioHit), Thermo (Finn), and VWR pipettes. Made from 100% virgin polypropylene in a fully automated, Class 100,000 clean room facility, Rainin tips provide excellent clarity and flexibility for accurate touch-off. To assure absolute purity, no additives or dyes are used, and we follow ISO 9001-compliant manufacturing procedures to eliminate all external sources of contamination.

Class 100,000 Clean Room Production

BioClean Ultra pipette tips are manufactured in a fully automated class 100,000 clean room facility. To assure absolute purity, no additives or dyes are used, and ISO 9001-compliant manufacturing procedures are followed to eliminate all external sources of contamination. From raw material selection to clean production and automated packaging, Rainin BioClean Ultra pipette tips are guaranteed to be pure and completely safe.

LiteTouch System and Universal Fit

Rainin tips optimize work with different kinds of pipettes:

● LTS: Rainin LiteTouch System™ pipettes
● UNV: Universal-fit pipettes, by Rainin and other manufacturers.

Unique to Rainin, the LiteTouch System connects a specially shaped nozzle to a perfectly matched LTS tip to deliver the industry's lowest tip mounting and ejection forces. The result: fewer repetitive stress injuries and more comfort while pipetting.

Sample Preparation Pipette Tips

PureSpeed is a convenient, low-cost method of purifying biomolecules.

PureSpeed Simplifies Your Workflow
Rainin PureSpeed™ Protein Tips radically simplify purification of antibodies and recombinant proteins. This innovative approach produces the highest concentration of purified protein, allowing many options for downstream functional assays.

PureSpeed Protein Tips offer a faster, more convenient and reliable purification workflow for obtaining highly concentrated and pure functional proteins. The result: higher productivity, less waste and reduced risk.


Pipette Tips by Package Type

Removable Cover Pipette Tip Racks

Refillable racks allow optimal tip loading for single- and multi-channel pipettes. Autoclavable.

SpaceSaver Refills

The ultimate in convenience – easy to use, saves space and reduces plastic waste by 85%.

Green-Pak Refills

Single-rack refills reduce plastic waste by 75% compared to individual racks.


Less weight, less waste and 100% recyclable. Single-use, disposable racks. Sterile.

Bagged Pipette Tips

Buying in bulk is the most economical way to get BioClean quality tips.


Equivalent to 10 96-tip racks reducing plastic waste by 60%.


Double 96-tip rack reduces plastic waste by 35%, compared to two individual conventional racks.


Rainin Special Application Tips Enhance Your Workflow

Low Retention Pipette Tips

Nothing beats Rainin Low Retention tips for viscous liquids and those with reduced surface tension.

Large Volume Pipette Tips

Rainin Large Volume (10 mL – 20 mL) tips bring efficiency to your labs macro-volume.

Extended Length Pipette Tips

Ideal for depositing and retrieving samples from deep, narrow vessels.

Wide Orifice Pipette Tips

Minimizes shear force on delicate samples and flow resistance for viscous samples.

ShaftGard 10µL

Protect pipette shafts and tip ejectors from cross-contamination.

Gel-Well Pipette Tips

Tapered or flat tipped, Rainin Gel-Well thin pipette tips are ideal for polyacrylamide gels & SDS page gels and allow samples to be accurately dispensed into the wells of thin polyacrylamide gels.

Filtered Pipette Tips

Hydrophobic filters to prevent cross contamination from aerosols and liquids.


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