Furnaces and ovens


Robust, high-performance heating technology

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Carbolite Gero Laboratory & Industrial Furnaces

Carbolite Gero offers a range of furnaces and ovens:
1-    Laboratory ovens, industrial ovens, clean room ovens and atmosphere-controlled ovens with temperature up to 700 °C
2-    Laboratory furnaces, industrial furnaces, ashing furnaces and annealing furnaces with temperature up to 1800 °C
3-    Universal tube furnaces, split tube furnaces, rotary tube furnaces and gradient tube furnaces with temperature up to 2600 °C
4-    Vacuum chamber furnaces, vacuum hood furnaces, vacuum bottom loader, vacuum laboratory furnaces and vacuum tube furnaces with temperature up to 3000 °C
5-    Asphalt binder analyzer, carbon14-tritium furances, coal and coke test equipment, crystal growth furnaces, dental furnace, metal injection furnaces, soldering furnaces and thermocouple calibration.