Lab Glassware Washer


Using a steam generator

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Fedegari Lab Glassware Washer

FGW Lab Glassware Washer capitalizes the experience done with FOWS-series of washers in the pharmaceutical industry. The washer uses a steam generator to improve washing performances. Steam has an optimized emollient effect on greasy and sticky dirt. In addition, steam is able to access hard-to-reach areas and therefore clean thoroughly. Furthermore, the use of steam can reduce operating costs significantly: this really eco-friendly solution allows to minimize the need of detergents as well as water consumption, lowering the running costs per cycle. The cleaning process is constantly supervised: dedicated probes monitoring the temperature of the air/water and of the steam in chamber. The Glassware Washer has an internal LED lamp that stays operative during the whole cycle: in case of alarm evident signals are displayed by color change.