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Ampoule Testing


Control the quality during production of empty ampoules

Pharma Test Ampoule Testing

PTBA 211E Ampoule Breakpoint Tester

The PTBA 211E ampoule breakpoint tester is designed and manufactured in compliance to the DIN EN ISO <9187-1/2:2010> standard. According to this standard the break point of ampoules has to be tested to control the quality during production of empty ampoules and prior to the filling process.
Print-Out Results

The result is immediately displayed and printed to a connected laser printer (PCL5 capable) or a dot-matrix printer. Repeat this until your series has been tested, get a full print-out including each individual result, date, time, serial number of the instrument, batch number of the product tested, mean value and deviations of the test series.


1. Dual force mode instrument with linear speed increase and linear force increase modes
2. Multiple point validation procedure built-in
3. Programmable print-out of force increase curve

Operating Principle

The testing jaw is moved by means of a stepper motor into the neck of the ampoule to be tested. The ampoule is placed onto a DIN/ISO compliant support. As soon as the jaw meets the ampoule the instrument increases the force in a linear speed mode until the sample breaks, the usual force rate is 10 mm/min. As soon as the ampoule is broken, the maximum force will be displayed and printed. The test jaw moves back to the home position ready for the next test. As the operator can enter an automatic re-start time, the next test will be performed immediately after a new sample has been placed onto the ampoule support.

A movable tray holds the ampoule support; a Plexiglas (Perspex) screen protects the operator. A built-in lamp illuminates the handling area to ease the correct positioning of the ampoule at the support. Exchangeable ampoule supports allow the test of all kinds of ampoules from 1-30ml.


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