Shimadzu EDX-7200

Shimadzu EDX-7200


One EDX above ALL others

Shimadzu EDX-7200

The EDX 7200 from Shimadzu permits non-destructive elemental testing, making it effective for the analysis of foreign matter adhering to or mixed in with foods, drugs, or products. Using the sample observation camera and collimators makes it easy to identify trace foreign matter.

High Speed - Throughput Increased by Up to a Factor of 30
Equipped with a high-speed circuit that increase the count rate by up to 30 times compared to the former model (EDX-720).
Improved algorithms and improved performance also help to reduce measurement times.

Comparison Using Actual Samples
Repeatability using the EDX-7200 and the previous model (EDX-720) was compared for lead (Pb) in lead-free solder

High Sensitivity - Improves Lower Detection Limit by Up to 6 Times
In metals analysis, the lower detection limit of trace elements in main components has been improved.

High Resolution
EDX-7200 offers superior energy resolution compared to previous models by incorporating a state-of-the-art SDD detector. This reduces the effects of overlapping peaks of different elements, enhancing the reliability of the analysis results.

No Liquid Nitrogen Required
The SDD detector is capable of electronic cooling. Since there is no need to use liquid nitrogen, it reduces running costs.


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