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State-of-the-Art Technology in the Smallest Casing

Shimdazu eTOC series

Demands for highly purified water and its quality control are getting stronger in many industries, such as pharmaceutical, medical device, food/beverage, chemical, precision machinery, and semiconductor. Shimadzu's eTOC has been designed to satisfy this demand. It has very high sensitivity and low detection limits, reaching 0.1 µg/L, making it perfectly suitable for ultra-pure water measurement. Technology, Usability and Reliability: the defining attributes of the ultra-small, high-value eTOC.

World’s first technology in the world’s smallest and lightest*1 casing

・World-first TOC analyzer using mercury-free excimer lamp.
・“Active-Path” design to maximize the power of the lamp.
・Large color touch LCD screen on the smallest/lightest casing.

Easy-to-use and maintain design improves efficiency
・One-year maintenance free. Tool-free maintenance.
・Conditioned standard solutions and sampler to handle four solutions, facilitating calibration/validation.
・Export data to USB memory in an easily readable/usable format.
View/Acquire data on a web browser remotely through a network.

Reliability to support regulations
・Supports regulations in major pharmacopeias, such as the USP and EP.
・Security functions for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, such as user authentication, audit trail, etc.
・Transfer data to LabSolutions™ database for integrated management.

Integrated data management

A daily report summarizing measurement results from each day and an operation log can be exported daily to a LabSolutions database via a network. Data from multiple eTOC analyzers and data from other analytical instruments can be managed centrally together.
Integrated data management


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