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Mettler Toledo Weigh Modules, Load Cells, Weight Sensors

Mettler Toledo’s weigh modules, load cells and weight sensors and tailor made to the needs of instrument and machine manufacturers. Weight sensor / high precision load cells features high accuracy, high speed, weigh modules. Mettler Toledo offers a range of load cell, compression weigh module, load sensor, tension weigh modules, beam load cells, ring load cells and S load cells. 

Mettler Toledo's Load cells features tanks on concrete of steel foundation, wide capacity ranges from 5 kg up to 300 ton per weigh, versatile usage for most industries, reliable performance and stainless steel version for food and pharma usage.

Mettler Toledo's Weight Sensor / High Precision Load Cells include SPC Compact High-Precision Weight Sensor that is tailored for fast weighing results in automated industrial applications where installation space is limited, WMF High-Precision Weigh Modules are very slim and chosen for high speed and condition monitoring in multi-line, pharmaceutical and food machines.

Quality is ensured via PLC-driven, internal weight, calibration, WMS High-Precision Weigh Module optimize machine space and ensure accuracy and production quality; internal calibration, digital I/O and a wide range of capacities, WXS High-Precision Weigh Module allows analytical high precision weighing in industrial environments and automated laboratory conditions, WKC High-Precision Weigh Modules that is a cost-effective weight sensor design offering high value for many typical applications, ACT350 Precision Weight Transmitter, Premium Weighing Platform PBK9 that is designed for weighing applications that require reliable performance with the best accuracy available for a wide range of weighing capacities, PFK9 High-Precision Weighing Platforms that are the best choice when you expect the best metrology combined with long lasting reliability, SLF6-Series for weight-based quality control or machines filling industrial and consumer packages and SLP85xD Load Cells  for fastest filling of consumer goods and light industrial containers where industry-leading speed equals faster thoughput and improved profits.  

Mettler Toledo's Load Cell, Weigh Module, Load Sensor include Compression Load Cell / Weigh Modules that enable quick and safe conversion of tanks, hoppers and conveyors into a scale. Built-in features ensure that safety, performance and precision are maintained, Tension Weigh Modules enable the safe conversion of suspended tanks and hoppers into a scale. Built-in features ensure that safety, performance and precision are maintained, Strain Gauge Load Cell / S Type Load Cell that are used in multiples (typically 3 or 4) in weighing systems, tank scales and conveyor scales, Single Point Load Cell that are used individually in weighing systems, bench scales and filling and packaging machines, Canister Load Cell / Ring Load Cell that are used in tank and vessel scales, hopper scales, silo scales, vehicle scales and rail scales, Tension Load Cell that are used in suspended weighing systems such as hanging hoppers, vessels and tanks and Load Cell Junction Box that are suitable for quick and simple connection of multiple analog load cells to a terminal.


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