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Mettler Toledo Pallet, Pallet Truck and Mobile Scales

Mettler Toledo’s Pallet Scales & Pallet Scale are easy-to-use and accurate pallet weighing.

Pallet Scales features rugged construction with hot-galvanized steel or stainless steel for long-term durability, long-term industrial reliability and accuracy with state-of-the-art design, safe, simple and easy loading procedures, corrosion/explosion resistant, shock absorbers that ensure secure, accurate weighing, OIML approvable, range of resolutions that assures complete flexibility.

Pallet Scales & Pallet Scale range of products:

1- Low-Profile Floor Scale, PUA579(x) Stainless Steel low-profile scale offer reliability, durability, and loading ease for tough industrial environments where hygiene counts and features a hygienic design for easy washdown for hygienic environments, Stainless-steel construction, with IP69K junction box and, hermetically sealed load cells, ultra-low profile that is designed for easy loading and unloading and integrated platform and rails for easier loading.

2- Pallet Truck Scales, Mobile Pallet Truck Scales make weighing easy, built to take the knocks of industrial use, METTER TOLEDO mobile pallet truck scales bring the scale to the load instead of moving the load to the scale, the scales feature rugged construction, easy loading, models for your application with various capacities, finishes, and battery life and several models come in protected options for hazardous area classified.

3- Pallet Scales including PTA455 Pallet Scales designed to provide safe, cost-effective industrial weighing, PTA459 and 459x Pallet Scales with heavy-duty corrosion-resistant pallet scales for use in wet, harsh environments and BSA Pallet Weighing Solution that is suitable for capacities up to 1500 kg, is a complete pallet scale and terminal ideal for goods receiving and shipping departments. Pallet Scales feature rugged construction, state-of-the-art design with long-term industrial reliability and accuracy, easy loading procedures to reduce accident risk, can be used in a variety of applications, cost-effective, easy to install, built to withstand harsh industrial environments, shock absorbers ensure secure accurate weighing, OIML approvable and corrosion/explosion resistant.


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