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Shimadzu LabX XRD-6100

In addition to its basic ease of use and abundant functions, the X-ray Diffractometer XRD-6100 from Shimadzu boasts an integrated design featuring a vertical goniometer and data processing software supporting the Windows user interface. The XRD-6100 offers solutions encompassing wide-ranging analysis requirements, from routine qualitative and quantitative analysis to state change analysis, including stress analysis, residual austenite quantitation, crystallite size/lattice strain, crystallinity calculation, materials analysis via overlaid X-ray diffraction patterns, enhanced material evaluation and sample heating analysis. Of course, crystalline structural analysis, including precise lattice constant determination, is also supported.

High-Precision and Reliable Built-in Vertical Goniometer

The main unit control and data processing software support the widely used Windows 10 user interface. For this reason, data can be exported to marketed software. Network support and multi-user accessibility are easily achieved.

Multi-Functional Auto-Search/Match Software (Qualitative Analysis) and Quantitative Analysis Software Equipped as Standard

The XRD-6100 is equipped with auto-search / match software as standard to aid qualitative analysis - the important analysis task of X-ray diffraction. The detailed search parameter settings, second search function, and the comparison display of candidate substances on a raw data prole make analysis easy to understand - even for beginners. What’s more, a greater success ratio in results can be achieved with the system. In addition, a simplied quantitative calculation function using the RIR method (Reference Intensity Ration) and a function that allows users to create their own database are included in the system as standard.

Safe, Compact and Sophisticated Body

The main body (W900 × D700 × H1600 mm) has been massively slimmed. As the rear is a sheer at surface with no superuous protrusions, the device can be placed up against walls, which means it does not take up room when installed on site or in the lab. Furthermore, the unit is designed to save energy; the X-ray is OFF when the door is open and the power is turned ON only at the start of measurement (only the lament is always ON; Shimadzu patent). In addition, the door lock mechanism works when sample measurements are taken (when X-rays are emitted) to provide a safe operating environment for protection against X-ray exposure.

OneSight Wide-Range High-Speed Detector Available

The OneSight is a wide-range high-speed detector that consists of a number of semiconductor devices. It is able to achieve an intensity more than 100 times higher than a scintillation detector.


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