Shimadzu Preparative HPLC Systems

Preparative HPLC Systems


Refine high-purity target compounds

Shimadzu Preparative HPLC Systems

High-purity target chemicals are separated and refined using HPLC from a mixed solution following a synthetic step or from natural extracts. A SFC system uses carbon dioxide as the mobile phase and reveals a number of benefits over conventional HPLC systems, including a reduction in the amount of organic solvent used in the mobile phase of almost 70%, the elimination of the need to evaporate the collected fractions, and enhanced isomer separation abilities. A preparative system (HPLC or SFC) is used to separate and collect high-purity compounds and in some cases, large quantities of compounds required for subsequent evaluation, analysis, and processing in the shortest possible time.

Nexera UC

- The Nexera UC Prep is a new preparative supercritical fluid chromatography system that offers both the high basic performance developed for the previous Nexera UC model and original state-of-the-art preparative SFC technologies.
- It resolves a number of issues in preparative tasks, reducing labor and improving efficiency while fitting into pre-existing workflows. Not only does the Nexera UC Prep achieve superior recovery rates for purification, it provides flexible system configurations in a compact design, requiring low installation space and allowing you to maximize lab resources.

Nexera UC Features

- Unique LotusStream separator technology achieves higher recovery rates
- Prep Solutions enables a seamless preparative workflow
- Compact, benchtop design

Nexera Prep

- Easy optimization of preparative parameters and scale up
     Fractionation simulation for rapid setup of collection logic Column line-up for scale-up from analytical to preparative
- Time- and energy-saving by automation of the purification workflow
     Collection of target components at high purity by automated desalting
- Expandable to suit the sample/fraction number and volume
     Choose from a wide range of options for recovery scale and analytical detection Problems are resolved simply, to accommodate a variety of needs.

Nexera Prep Features

- Streamline and Simplify Establishing the Conditions for Preparative Work
- Preparative Work for Target Components at High Purity Levels and High Concentrations
- Preparative Work for Target Components at High Purity Levels and High Concentrations

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