Shimadzu GCMS-QP2050

Shimadzu GCMS-QP2050

The next-generation GCMS-QP2050 gas chromatograph mass spectrometer, with its accumulation of impressive Shimadzu technology, will lead the way forward. New value is provided by hardware boasting astounding reliability and stability, and easy-to-operate software equipped with superior automated technology.

Revolutionary Platform Makes Maximum Progress
The conventional platform has significantly evolved to include the DuraEase ion source, designed in pursuit of high durability and ease of maintenance. Plus, an incomparable combination of stability and speed enables unmatched instrument uptime for maximum productivity and a faster return on investment.

The new model is equipped with both the latest noise suppression technology and high amplification performance, and can accurately assess even trace ions.

Quadrupole rods
By significantly improving mass separation performance and ion transmittance, the system achieves the industry's highest level of scan speed (30,000 u/sec). Further, the new quadrupole rod is equipped with a pre-rod, so it is maintenance-free.

In order to suppress the adsorption of high boiling point components, the new interface has been optimized to ensure a uniform temperature distribution.

DuraEase ion source
DuraEase technology enables this next-generation ion source to achieve the industry's highest level of sensitivity, durability, and ease of maintenance.

Simple Operation, Confident Results
Easy Maintenance

Ion Source Maintenance Takes Just One Minute
With the DuraEase ion source, the conventional ion source structure has been completely revised, in pursuit of more
convenient maintenance. The ion source is disposable and no cleaning is required, so maintenance is finished in just
one minute.

One-Touch GC Inlet Maintenance
The instrument is equipped as standard with a ClickTek™ nut, enabling the GC injection port to be attached or detached simply by
manipulating a lever by hand, without tools

Easy Startup and Shutdown from the Touch Panel
The vacuum system can be turned ON/OFF and Easy sTop* can be performed from the GC touch panel. Operations from a personal computer are not required, so maintenance of the GC injection port, column, and ion source can proceed with ease.

Best-in-Class Performance
HS-20 NX Headspace Sampler
The HS-20 NX headspace sampler provides powerful performance for the analysis of all types of volatile components related to both research and development and quality control. In addition, the high-sensitivity electron trap enables trace component analysis.

TD-30 Thermal Desorption System
A thermal desorption system is an instrument that heats the sample tube, enriches the gas released, and then injects it into the GC-MS. The TD-30R provides excellent expandability, an extensive 120-sample processing capacity, a restore function, and a function that automatically adds the internal standard substance.

Pyrolysis Analysis System
High-polymer compounds undergo pyrolysis at temperatures of 500 °C or higher, and the thermal degradation products obtained are analyzed. These thermal degradation products reflect the structure of the original high-polymer compounds, enabling identification of the high polymers and better analysis of the higher order structure.

AOC™-6000 Plus Multifunctional Autosampler
This system can accommodate a variety of sample injection methods including liquid injection, headspace (HS) injection, and solid-phase micro extraction (SPME). It has an overlap function that heightens the efficiency of consecutive analyses. Further, with automatic syringe replacement and an agitation function, the system is capable of sample dilution, automatic addition of internal standard substances, and the automatic creation of calibration curve samples.