Molecular Contamination Monitors (AMC)



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PMS Molecular Contamination Monitors (AMC)

Particle Measuring Systems’ range of Molecular Contamination Monitors:
1-    AirSentry® II Airborne Molecular Contamination is the first truly mobile system for monitoring airborne molecular contamination in cleanrooms and features high sensitivity ion mobility spectrometry IMS to detect amines, acids, chlorides and ammonia.
2-    AirSentry® II Multi-point System is the most advanced AMC cleanroom monitor nowadays, it uses sensitive responsive ion mobility spectrometry to characterize and detect airborne molecular contamination.
3-    AirSentry® II Point-of-Use Ion Mobility Spectrometer is an ion mobility spectrometer for airborne molecular contamination that detects and alerts users to small changes or concentrations in airborne levels of acids, chlorides, ammonia and amines containing species.