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Pharma Test Powder Testing

Pharma Test’s range of Powder Testing Instruments:
1-    PTG-S5 for powder flow analysis determines the powder cone angle of the collected powder, powder flow time, density, weight and the volume of the cone in compliance with EP <2.9.36>, EP <2.9.16>, USP <1174> Pharmacopoeia and ISO 4324 standards.
2-    PT-TD300 is a tapped & apparent density testing instrument that is used for the testing of powders, pigments granules in compliance to USP <616> methods 1 and 2, EP <2.9.34>, DIN EN ISO 787-11 and ASTM B527.
3-    PTG-NIR is the ultimate system for the examination of the flow characteristics of a granule or powder.
4-    PT-SV100 Scott Volumeter determines bulk density of powders and apparent density with compliance to USP <616>, EP <> and DIN ISO 3923-2 and ASTM B329.