Leak Testing


Integrity of tablet strips, blister packs and small bottles

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Pharma Test Leak Testing

Pharma Test’s Leak Test Apparatus features:
1-    Test the integrity of strips, blisters and bottles.
2-    Large 16 x 2cm LCD shows vacuum and electronic countdown timer.
3-    Enter all test parameters such as date, time, user ID and sample ID.
4-    Set vacuum and trip vacuum can be set via the keypad.
5-    Built-in rugged, oil-free vacuum pump.
6-    Automatic slow vacuum release from the desiccators.
7-    Printer port for parallel dot-matrix printers.
8-    Automated print-out of test report.
9-    Ensured quality of packaging processes.
10-    Easy operation by programmed sequence.
11-    Fully automated microprocessor-controlled equipment.
12-    Stainless steel housing to fit well into a production area.