Tablet Dissolution Testing Instruments


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Pharma Test Tablet Dissolution Testing Instruments

Pharma Test wide range of Tablet Dissolution Testing Instruments:
1-    PTWS 820-MA is an 8-position USP/EP compliant tablet dissolution testing instrument with media addition station.
2-    PT-DR is a dispersion releaser for nano- and micro-formulations
3-    PTWS 1420 is a 14+2 station dissolution testing instrument that is ideal for comparative studies like biowaiver tests.
4-    PTWS 120D is a flexible dissolution bath for constrained bench requirements.
5-    PTWS 120S is a 6-station tablet dissolution bath with individual stirring speed control.
6-    PTWS 820D is an 8-station tablet dissolution testing instrument.
7-    PTWS 620 is a 6-station dissolution testing instrument with all six stations put in one line for optimal visibility.