Vertical Lab Sterilizers


When Technology and Design Come Together

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Fedegari Vertical Lab Sterilizers

FEDEGARI versatile Vertical Lab Sterilizers:

1-    FVS Vertical Lab sterilizer is a compact and portable lab sterilizer with very small overall dimensions for easy handling and use.  FVS come with two chamber useful volumes ranging from 30 to 45 liters FVS series.
2-    FVG Vertical Lab Sterilizer combines excellent performances with overall high-quality materials, simplicity of use and optimal consumption. FVG can be provided in three different chamber useful volumes: 50 liters (FVG1) – 75 liters (FVG2) – 140 liters (FVG3).
3-    FVA/A1 Vertical Lab Sterilizer combines design with excellent performances and simplicity of use. FVA/A1 autoclaves are available with three different chamber volumes: 75 liters (FVA2/A1), 140 liters (FVA3/A1) and 188 liters (FVA3/A1 Plus).