Walk-In Stability Rooms


Operate at the specific requirements and exact sizes you need

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PGC Walk-In Stability Rooms

Parameter Generation & Control’s Walk-In Stability Rooms are built using modular insulated panels with either a 32 R-value (4”) or a 40 R-value (5”) to maximize efficiency and uniformity. Parameter’s offer options for stainless steel construction, dryers and air and water filters. PGC custom design any room to meet the user’s specific requirements. The rooms use an exceptional way of controlling moisture to attain supreme levels of temperature and humidity control and uniformity. 

Dew point generating system work as a humidity source with superior levels of humidity unlike other rooms that use vapor generators or atomizers. The Parameter Smart Pad is equipped with direct readings in both humidity and temperature and features 60-segment programming for automatic cycling and ramping and soaking excursions.