Biodecontamination Systems


Rapid, adaptable and productive

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Bioquell Biodecontamination Systems

Bioquell’s biodecontamination systems:
1-    Bioquell ProteQ effectively and quickly decontaminate almost any zone or room with its mobility, scalability and compliancy with wireless communication.  All components including additional optional aeration and built-in aeration are hosted withing its frame, making setup simple. 
2-    Bioquell Qube creates an aseptic workspace with Bioquell’s customizable isolator integrated with Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor technology. 
3-    Bioquell L-4 uses Bioquell’s versatile, multipurpose Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor generator to decontaminate surfaces from enclosures and equipment to larger spaces and rooms.
4-    Bioquell IG-2 completes Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor that ensures the right system set-up. 
5-    Bioquell Integrated Building Decontamination System.