Dissolution Media Preparation


With standard gravimetric dosing

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Pharma Test Dissolution Media Preparation

Pharma Test’s Media Preparation and Degassing System features:
1-    De-aeration and heating of approximately 24 liters of media simultaneously. 
2-    Pre-heating of media, target temperature adjustable from 30 – 50°C.
3-    Adjustable gravimetric dosing range: 250 – 5000 g.
4-    LC display and keypad to show and enter data, like product information, batch no. and media density.
5-    Live information about the remaining tank volume; minimum 3 liters.
6-    File up to 16 de-aeration procedures.
7-    Built-in adjustment and calibration program for the digital load cell and flow-meter
8-    Built-in thermo printer to report the volume or the dosed media weight to document of adjustment and calibration results.