Stand-alone Lab Sterilizers


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Fedegari Stand-alone Lab Sterilizers

FEDEGARI ergonomic Stand-alone Sterilizers:
1-    FOB5 Stand-alone Sterilizer offers a great flexibility of use, ranging from quality assurance laboratories in pharmaceutical or food industries, to BSL3 – 4 laboratories in research centers and/or hospitals. FOB5 autoclave series has a broad range of chamber volumes and come with both single & double vertical sliding door. The Sterilizers have two high-efficiency internal 316L stainless steel plates that can be used as heat-exchanger system for steam preheating, to cool the chamber temperature down by using cold water

2-    FOB4 Stand-alone Sterilizer is an autoclave that combines excellent performances with overall high-quality materials and ease of use. These sterilizers have been specially designed with ergonomic features for easy handling of higher volume sterilization materials and goods as: media preparation, glassware, liquids, in open and sealed containers, mixed regular, high risk waste and mixed regular, as well as surgery instruments, rubber, textiles, articles and packaged tools.